COVID-19 Updates
Updated August 13, 2020

Cambridge College will continue remote learning and teaching through Fall 2020-2021 term. The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and community are important to us. Please see our updates regarding COVID-19 and campus plans.

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Faculty & Staff Directory


Brown, Tracy
  • Tutor
Brownell, Christina
  • Senior Instructor
Brownson, Steven
  • Senior Instructor
Bruckman, Gilda
  • Tutor
Bruschi, Tiffany
  • Operations and Retention Manager for School of Education
Buckley, Joseph
  • Senior Instructor
Burgos, Jessica
  • Business Operations Manager


Cahill, Thomas
  • Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Caldwell, Sheila
  • Adjunct Instructor
Callahan, Peter
  • Adjunct Instructor
Campaiola, Maureen
  • Adjunct Instructor
Canuelas-Pereira, Carlos
  • Adjunct Instructor
Carew, John
  • Core Faculty
Carr, Preston
  • Adjunct Instructor
Carroll, Robyn
  • Senior Executive Assistant to the President
Carvallo-Messa, Veronica
  • Adjunct Instructor
Cassidy, Christine
  • Assistant Dean of Field Experience SOPC
Castle, Gregg
  • Telecom Specialist / Help Desk
Caul, Andy
  • Senior Instructor
Cavelier, Amy
  • Registrar
Celia, Susan
  • Adjunct Instructor
Chan, Elaine
  • Accounting Manager for Financial Services
Chantre, Sandro
  • Data Programmer
Chapdelaine, Edward
  • Senior Instructor