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Parking Policy for 1000 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Date of Implementation: February 2011

Date of Last Revision: February 2011


1) Parking at 1000 Massachusetts Avenue: Shall mean the Upper Level Parking Garage and Lower Level Parking Garage at 1000 Massachusetts Ave, as well as spaces leased by the College at the Bay Square Condominiums, 950 Massachusetts Ave.

2) Full Time Employee: Shall mean a College employee who works at least 30 hours, or 4 days per week.

3) Standard Parking Hours: Monday through Friday; 7:00am-6:00pm

4) Evening Class Hours: Shall mean 4:00pm - 10:30pm, Monday through Friday.

5) Carpooling: 2 or more individuals who commute together at least one way, at least 4 days per week.

Policy Items

• Parking assignments will be prioritized in the following order:

i. College Leadership

ii. Full-time positions with significant day-to-day local travel necessity as determined by Leadership

iii. Seniority/Years of Service to the College as determined by Human Resources

• When a space becomes available at 1000 Massachusetts Ave, the most senior full time employee assigned to work at 1000 Massachusetts Ave. without an assigned parking space at that location will have right of first refusal.

• Seniority shall be determined by the listing provided by Human Resources and will be based on
years of service to the College and regardless of location.

• Monthly rates for parking may be reviewed and changed periodically at the discretion of College Leadership. The monthly rate shall be determined by the weighted average of the cost of all parking spaces allocated for employee use at 1000 Massachusetts Avenue.

• Parking privileges will be extended only to full-time staff.

o Fulltime employees who change to less than 3/4 time status and have less than ten years
of service to the College may lose parking privileges subject to outstanding parking requests by current full-time staff at the time of the employee’s change in status. Should there not be any other requests for parking at the time of the change of status the person shall retain their parking privileges and shall not be bumped in the future.

• Seniority for part-time employees who change to a minimum of 3/4 time status seniority shall be determined according to their total years of service to the College.

• Except for spaces specifically designated for compact vehicles, parking spaces will be assigned without regard for make, model, age, or size of vehicle.

• Overnight parking is not permitted without prior authorization from the Director of Business Operations or the Manager of Facilities Operations. Weekend parking is available only for the purpose of conducting College business.

• Faculty members are not assigned spaces. Parking is available at no charge during evening class hours on a first come-first serve basis. Faculty arriving during normal business hours will be permitted to park in visitor spaces if available.

• All parking spaces are the property of the College and may be reassigned at any time to meet the business needs of the College.

• Employees are not permitted to sublet spaces or authorize other employees to use their assigned space when on leave, vacation, etc.

• Occupants of double spaces will be responsible for coordinating accessibility to both spaces.

• Occupants may be required to vacate their assigned parking space at any time to accommodate the needs of the College (ie. BOT Meeting, special event, etc). As much advance notice as possible will be given to the occupant(s). In the event that an assigned parking space must be vacated by the occupant, the College will make every reasonable effort to secure alternative parking, but no guarantees are made.

• Assigned spaces must be used at least 3 days per week.

• The College strongly encourages carpooling. Spaces are available specifically for this purpose. Individuals wishing to carpool will split the cost of a parking space evenly among all members of the carpool. Employees who carpool will also be eligible to receive additional transportation benefits up to the limit of the employee’s applicable collective bargaining agreement.

• Visitor parking is for visitors to the College and for employees who may need parking on a temporary basis (i.e. a faculty member attending a morning meeting). Visitor parking may also be used on a temporary basis to accommodate an employee whose position necessitates travel.

• All employees with assigned parking will be required to display a valid College parking permit on the rear windshield of their vehicle. A valid registration is required to obtain a permit. Only one permit will be issued per registration.

• Handicap parking is available to employees with valid government issued HP placards or license plates at the regular monthly rate.

• The College will attempt to provide short-term disability parking on a space-available basis at no charge for a maximum of 90 days. Documentation of medical necessity and expected duration of incapacity must be submitted to and authorized by Human Resources.

• All parking is at the risk of the employee. The College assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage or any theft which occurs in any parking garage or lot.

• Parking access cards for the Bay Square Condominium are the responsibility of the employee to whom they are issued. Lost or damaged cards must be replaced at the employee’s cost.

• Any employee found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including loss of parking privileges.


Individuals Responsible for Revision & Implementation: VP for Finance & Administration, Director of Business Operations Manager of Facilities Operations