• President Deborah Jackson recognized as One of 150 Boston Women of Influence
  • CC's Mental Health programs in the news!
    Healthcare News reports that Cambridge College is helping adults enter the fast-growing mental health professions that deal with addictions, marriage and family therapy, trauma and children in schools.
  • Provost Koverola visits Syrian and Jordanian victims of conflict in Jordan
  • Dean James Lee presents in China
    Dean of Undergraduate Studies James Lee delivered a presentation on harbor cleanup to some of China's foremost marine researchers and scientists, using Boston Harbor as an example of success.
  • Mental Health Counseling Licensure Changes
    A small window of opportunity exists to pursue a career as a Mental Health Counselor under existing licensure rules.

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Student Spotlight
Imagine your average day. You’re up and dressed, perhaps you have an errand to run. Let’s say you’re going to the bank to deposit a check. You get to the bank and you have to climb up a single step to get to the entrance, except, the step is 10 feet tall and you’re only 5’0. Eighty percent of the population towers over you and has no problem clearing the step, but for you the feat is impossible.
Alumni News
Increasing enrollment and promoting science and math education are among the top priorities for new Sullins Academy Head of School Roy Vermillion (MEd 1996). The private school's board of directors recently removed Vermillion's interim tag, a post he's held since classes began in August. "This is my third year at the school but my first year as head of school," Vermillion said Wednesday. "I started teaching here and this position came up and they asked me if I would take it. I said 'absolutely.' I love this school, love the teachers and the mission that is going on here."
School Spotlight
If you have a triangular room whose floor needs tiling you are not going to find area using one-half base times height. For starters, how will you determine where the altitude intersects the base? This is easy if dealing with a right triangle, but not if your room is in the shape of a “wrong” one. Being realistic, the only useful measurements are of the room’s three sides. To get the job done, what is needed is a formula finding area using side measurements and not base and height. Fortunately, such a formula exists—Heron’s formula.