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School of Arts & Sciences Welcome!

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences.

I applaud your choice to further your education at one of the world's top innovators in higher education.

There is no path nobler than that of the student; for those who choose education have freely elected to both challenge and enlighten the self; to test and push one's boundaries of thought, and to reach for sincere understanding. It is a lifelong journey marked by unexpected views and turns, leading to inspiring new heights, broad intellectual expanses, and unforgettable experiences.

As you embark on this endeavor, look ahead for strength from those who have gone before you; look kindly to each side and recognize your colleagues, and look back so that you might help to guide those who come after you.

Though the road may seem long, even the longest roads make for a short journey when each step brings new wonders. With great respect and warmest regards, I welcome you to the Cambridge College School of Arts and Sciences, and welcome you to your journey.


James Stephen Lee

School of Arts and Sciences